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April is Earthquake Preparedness Month
You may not think of Northeast Ohio as an earthquake zone but the facts may surprise you. During National Earthquake Preparedness Month take a few moments to learn a little about Ohio's siesmic activity and review what you should do in the event of an earthquake



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Joint Regions Meeting
Contingency Planners of Ohio
Columbus, OH
May 13, 2015

Joint Meeting of Cleveland & Akron/Canton ASIS
Ret. NYPD Commissioner
Bernard Kerik

Holiday Inn West
Akron, OH
May 15, 2015
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BEP Institute Blog-- Visit the BEP Institute's blog for insight on small business contingency planning. Just about every disruption is a case study that offers lessons on contingency planning. The BEP Institute's blog is a great resource for current news related to business continuity and what can be gleaned from those examples.


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Run or Pass - There Are Always Risks

 There is a risk to every play. The end result for Carroll’s play call was an interception, but a running play wasn’t without risk as well. A lot of factors went into the call including time on the clock, personnel in the game and advantageous matchups not to mention the benefit of running a pass play when the opposition is expecting a run. He also had only a few seconds to make the call.
Every decision at work as in football has risk that must be measured. Very little that we do is 100-percent guaranteed. The goal should be to make the best possible decision based on all the information you have available to ensure the chosen risk is worth it.

Addict? Yes, At Least To Social Medi

Troubled Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon has done some stupid things. Many of them are well outside the topic of business-continuity planning; however, he does offer us at least one sobering reminder (pun intended).
Social media users need to pause before posting; to take a moment and think through the implications of the information they are sharing.  And companies of any size need to have established social media policies in place to address those posts that were not thought through that effect your business.

Should the Superhighway Add a Toll Road

Faced with the growing congestion, large-data-distribution companies such as Netflix now want premium toll roads where they can pay Internet providers more to have their content prioritized for faster, seamless delivery. That’s a big difference from the net neutrality we enjoy today where all distributors and users are treated the same.

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