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beppe awards

The Business Emergency Planning Professional Excellence (BEPPE) Awards recognize Northeast Ohio businesses, nonprofits and government agencies that have survived or thwarted a potentially major disruption—natural or human-created.

2013 BEPPE Awards presented by Strategic Resources Group

  • BlueBridge Networks its ability to provide uninterrupted business continuity services while experiencing its own evacuation when Superstorm Sandy pummeled its facility in October 2013. The company, one of Northeast Ohio’s leading data centers, turned to its own well-honed disaster recovery business continuity plan and proved the value of planning and preparation for extreme weather.
    2013 BEPPE Award

    "It gives us great pleasure to present BlueBridge Networks with this BEPPE award to recognize their Business Emergency Planning Professional Excellence for their ability to maintain ongoing business services during a building evacuation as a result of physical damage caused by Superstorm Sandy. 

    As a business continuity vendor and data center to numerous businesses that trust them with their own business operations and most precious data, the stakes could not have been higher for BlueBridge Networks when they faced their own potential disruption.

    Years of diligent and meticulous planning paid off when their Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Plan went into effect.  Simultaneously the firm evacuated personnel from the damaged structure, maintained data center operations and communicated with clients and other stakeholders.

    It is with great pleasure we recognize BlueBridge Networks for their success as both a business continuity service provider and business continuity user."

  • Baldwin Wallace University for its success in navigating several crisis communication issues while implementing a major branding overhaul. Crises surrounding Superstorm Sandy, athletic scholarship issues and a student-run drug lab did not derail efforts to rebrand Baldwin-Wallace College as Baldwin Wallace University. By applying key tenants of crisis communication BW maintained control of its rebranding message.

    2013 BEPPE Award


    "It gives us great pleasure to present Baldwin Wallace University with this BEPPE award to recognize their Business Emergency Planning Professional Excellence for their leadership in crisis communication management.

    During 2012 Baldwin Wallace University inducted a new President, had their highly-touted efforts to obtain a new three-year degree thwarted, was shuttered for several days due to Superstorm Sandy, self-reported NCAA violations and dealt with an off-campus student-run drug lab that used equipment stolen from its own lab facilities.  All the while the institution was undergoing a major branding change from Baldwin-Wallace College to Baldwin Wallace University.    

    Any one of these items is a significant communication challenge, combined it made for master class in crisis communication management.

    By continuous adherence to the important tenants of crisis management – staying in front of the issue, controlling the message and telling truth early and often the institution was successful and proved their claim that BW is indeed “a problem solving, real world, liberal arts institution.”

    It is with great pleasure we recognize Baldwin Wallace University for their efforts in crisis communications management."


  • Horseshoe Casino Cleveland for its triumphant grand opening despite having one of the city’s largest and most novice workforces handling overflow crowds in one of the most highly anticipated downtown events in recent history. Employee training, crowd management and extraordinary planning combined to make the casino’s opening trouble-free and establish its reputation as a major Northeast Ohio attraction..
    2013 BEPPE Award

    "It gives us great pleasure to present the Horseshoe Casino Cleveland with this BEPPE award to recognize their Business Emergency Planning Professional Excellence for their nearly flawless execution a their grand opening. 

    The Casino opening was a much anticipated, high profile event that drew crowds that waited in line for an average of two hours for the experience. The overflow of customers in a new facility staffed by rookie employees in a highly customer service business is a treacherous situation. 

    Through the extraordinary efforts of the operators to adequately train new employees that comprise one of the city’s largest work forces and anticipate potential issues, even providing bottled water to patrons standing in line, casino opening was a major civic success. 

    It is with great pleasure we recognize the Horseshoe Cleveland Casino for their preparedness and planning during their grand opening."

2013 Press Release


Past Winners

Visit the archives for information on past BEPPE Award winners.

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