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April is is Distracted Driving Awareness Month.
Thousands die needlessly each year because people continue to use their cell phones while driving, handheld or hands-free. Join the National Safety Council this April in urging those you care about to:
•Stop using cell phones while driving
•Recognize that hands-free devices offer no safety benefit •Understand the dangers of the cognitive distraction to the brain •Tell others about the dangers of cell phone distracted driving



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We help businesses, nonprofits and government entities plan, prepare and practice for all types of disruption scenarios through seminars, custom training, conferences and networking opportunities with service providers.

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BEP Institute's
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Westshore CERT
Westlake, OH
April 12, 2014

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Medina, OH
June 4, 2014

Geauga Safety Council
Middlefield Twp., OH
June 7, 2014

Contingency Planners of Ohio
Business Recovery and Survival Conference

Columbus, OH
September 22 - 23, 2014

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Kalahari Convention Center
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October 22-24, 2014

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Westlake, OH
October 30-31, 2014


BEPPE Awards -- 2013 BEPPE Awards supported by Strategic Resources Group recently

BEP Institute Blog-- Visit the BEP Institute's blog for insight on small business contingency planning. Just about every disruption is a case study that offers lessons on contingency planning. The BEP Institute's blog is a great resource for current news related to business continuity and what can be gleaned from those examples.


Latest from the BEP Institute Newsletter

False Alarms Costs Go Beyond Dollars
The enormous number of false alarms and the associated cost of police response have been in the news lately:

The Plain Dealer reported that the City of Cleveland logged 8,000 hours of police time at a taxpayer cost of about $750,000 for 23,288 false alarm dispatches in 2013. Other suburbs reported similar issues of cost and other wasted resources.

Most false alarms are the result of ...
First, they understood that a certain level of military participation was critical to their operation. 
Second, the environmental change caused by the new policy/regulation was widely known and became the new reality well in advance of the event. 

Risk of Alarm Fatigue

The fact is, we do not like alarms. We are annoyed when we are alarmed for no reason, or if the alarm is not specific to us.
Last year, a halt was put on the issuing of Amber Alerts to cell phones between midnight and 6 a.m. due to complaints from citizens who were startled awake in the middle of the night. After a review of the policy, the coordinating agencies agreed that “the urgency of finding an abducted child outweighs a middle-of-the-night scare” and the around-the-clock alerts were resumed.
Rather than turning on the TV to check...

The Cloud has a Brick and Morter Existence

I was having coffee with a business continuity/disaster recovery service provider who was new to the BEP Institute.  In the course of our conversation we laughed at how in the not-so-distant-past companies had large computer rooms and employees accessed the computer through simple terminals that were hardwired to a mainframe central processing unit that had an operating system, the data and the programs to process the data. 

The first step is to shake off the cloudy imagery and recognize reality for what it is – shared physical assets located remotely that is owned and maintained by third-party providers.

Therefore, the Cloud can be damaged and disrupted by man-made and/or natural disasters.  Floods, seismic events, tornados, power failures, and such can disrupt our access to the Cloud.

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